Long Term/ Retirement Services


About our service

In 2008, Queenston Pharmacy started serving retirement homes with a model focused on patient-centered care. We’ve built a dedicated multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals that provide the highest quality of care for our clients.

Customized Options

Our pharmacists and staff with the supervision of our clinical consultant pharmacist support residents and their families by providing patient-centered care through a variety of services.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our healthcare professionals include:


Telemedicine service where physicians can examine the patients remotely using advanced video software and specialized medical equipment. This service enables residents to be treated for certain conditions from the convenience of their home.

Our Telemedicine partners:


Our knowledgeable pharmacists offer training and education to facility staff to ensure they have access to the most current information and proper healthcare awareness.

We also offer training and education to residents to minimize risks of falls, help them with their cognitive health, mental health, sensory impairment, oral health and other topics.


We are in an era of evolution in healthcare. To ensure better care, accurate outcomes and efficient networking, Queenston pharmacy has instituted several measures of automation to enhance our workflow.

  1. SynMed Blisterpackaging Solutions – improves accuracy, safety, efficiency and reliability of compliance packaged medications.
  2. Boltrak Proof of Delivery Solution – reliable, live software for tracking hundreds of daily pharmacy deliveries
  3. Square Online Payments – convenient, secure payment via tap, swipe or chip: compatible with Debit, Mastercard and Visa

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