Topical Pain Management

We are the home of NaPro Gel™!

What Is NaPro Gel™?

NaPro Gel™ was developed by two Queenston Pharmacists with a vision – to provide a safe and effective alternative for pain management. Many people are struggling with chronic pain and each person has their own unique circumstance. Commonly used oral pain medications are at greater risk for unwanted side effects such as stomach irritation, constipation, drowsiness, among many others.

Our clients are using NaPro Gel for:

  • NHand Pain (strains, arthritis)
  • NKnee Pain (strains, post-surgical pain, arthritis)
  • NNeck Pain (muscle strain, headaches)
  • NElbow Pain (tennis-elbow)
  • NShoulder Pain (Rotator Cuff)
  • NHip Pain (Sciatica, Bursitis)
  • NLow Back Pain
  • NGeneral Muscle Soreness

The Compounding Lab also provides advanced services including:

Compounding Pharmacist Consultations

  • NInitial Dispense – Tips for Best Results
  • NFollow-Up
  • EHow well is it working for YOU! – we work with you and your prescribers to determine the best product to treat your pain
  • NCustomization
  • EWe work with the highest quality bases and ingredients to develop the best formulation to treat your pain

Direct billing to private insurance

If you’re suffering with any of the ailments mentioned above, please contact us to see how we can help