I can’t say enough about the entire staff at this pharmacy. Sometimes
the lineup gets long but this is the fastest pharmacy I have been to.
There is no substitute for feeling like someone cares about you for
you and not because you are a customer. It is nice when you walk into
a business and everyone remembers you and says hi.”

“Ash and his staff are the best in the world. Very friendly,
professional and efficient.”

“the best pharmacy and the best staff, very friendly and work hard to
make you happy”

“Been going here for years. Ash and his crew are phenomenal. It still
blows my mind that he’s been greeting me by name since I started going
there 6 years ago. Always enjoy the visit.”

“This may be a little pharmacy , but the people who run it are the
very best team out there ! They work together like a well-greased
machine. They are always kind and considerate and always willing to
help you out. I actually live in Brantford but travel to and from
Hamilton and use their services. Today I am not able to make my way to
Hamilton to pick up my medication. So I called to let them know. My
pharmacist said ” no problem , we’ll gladly deliver your medicine to
you all the way in Brantford ” !!! Wow is all I have to say ! Thank
you so much for your amazing services !! You’re the best”

“Friendly caring staff , always happy to see the customer and help
with all their needs. They have been very good to me giving me
discounts as I do pay out of pocket for all my medications.”

“Amazing customer service, they are so friendly and so nice. My
daughter was sick and was about to close and waited for me to get her
medication. Best pharmacy around! I would 100 percent recommend it!
12 years with them and wouldn’t change!”

“I moved up the hill and I still go to this pharmacy because of the
people. It’s worth the drive when you’re greeted by name every time.”

“I can’t say enough about Ash and all his staff. They have always been
caring and a lot of help. I have been going to this pharmacy for years
as well as my Mom and my Aunt. Thank you, Ash and staff, for your
professional and friendly service!!”

“The absolute most amazing pharmacy ever. All the staff is so helpful
and friendly. No matter how sick you are, you will always walk out of
there with a smile on your face. I moved about an hour away 5 years
ago and I still come here to fill my prescriptions. You guys look at
us like we are real people and not just a number like the big wigs do.
Absolutely Wonderful place.”

“I have been coming here for years. Even though I moved further I
still go to this pharmacy. Ash is the most kindest and knowledgeable
pharmacist. He knows everyone by name so you feel welcome.”

“The staff is not only extremely friendly and helpful they are also
equally compassionate and knowledgeable. No matter what issue you
have, you can count on them….and they deliver!”

“I wish there was a 10-star option. The professionalism and attention
I receive are amazing!”

“Ash has taken care of my beloved mother and myself for well over 20
years. My mother passed 3 years ago.. Ash helped her fill out
paperwork for discounts and also monitored her medications since she
was on many. My mother was a lady of few words, but she has mentioned
in her life numerous times how much she Loved Ash… “

“I myself feel the same as my mother… I have met a few people in my
43 years and I can say Ash is at the top of my list of one of the most
genuine sincerest and caring persons I have ever known…”

“If anyone needs a Pharmacist for themselves or a loved one. Go see
Ash there are not many like him”

“The staff here are amazing – well organized, quick, patient, and
knowledgeable. I’ve never had any problems with my scripts and the
pharmacist explains side effects, etc. very well.”

“Excellent Service, Friendly Staff, Have Been Going There Since They
Opened. Won’t Change Pharmacy Ever!!! Tremendously Helpful!!!”

“Excellent service and very friendly staff. Great hours and great
price for dispensing fees.”

“The absolutely best service and personal care I have ever had.
Dispensing fees are low and friendliness high. I do recommend this
place” as you go to “for prescriptions “

“This pharmacy is, hands down, the best that I’ve ever dealt with. I
would recommend it to anyone.
Well done Queenston Pharmacy!!”

“Best pharmacy and staff I’ve ever encountered. Great service and Ash
must have a computer mind to remember my name every time.”

“They delivered it to me for the same day for free!”

“The best pharmacy around very friendly staff and especially Ash he is
such a great person to deal with every time you visit them you feel
welcomed no matter how busy they are, BIG thanks to Ash and all staff
you are the best”

“I have been dealing with Ash and their great staff for many many
years now and they are fantastic, there are not enough words to say as
I always have a great experience every time, they are caring &
compassionate & as far as I’m concerned …
best staff &service is fast &the people that work there are ever so friendly”

“The staff great always helpful and Ashe the best I ever had.”

“The best pharmacy ever!”

“Great staff and service. My definite go-to pharmacy.”

“Best Service friendly and never have to wait long staff always make
you feel so welcome
I am one Happy Customer”

“Hands down the Best Pharmacy around…and all the staff is so
personable, kind and knowledgeable…What GREAT TEAM!!!!! THANKS!!!”

“best people to deal with”

“Best pharmacy around ! Fantastic service!”

“One Word AWESOME!!!!!!”

“Great service”